Useful Tips by House Painting Companies to Paint Your Home

House Painting Companies

Painting companies Akron OH focuses on getting a paint job for the house so that it is not both exhausting and pricey for any homeowner. Moreover, it can be tough to match the skill set of specialists to get perfect results. This is where house painting companies step in to relieve you of this mammoth task. However, if you are tight on your budget, or want to experiment with some DIY project, here are some valuable guidelines that these professionals offer for a successful house painting project.

House painters tips to paint your exterior

Professional house painters in their expertise opine that there are certain techniques to ensure a good house exterior painting job. Keeping in mind the following tips will not only ensure that the exterior of your house is well-painted but will also give you the desired look you want for your house.

Invest in quality tools- Whether you want to paint using a roller, paint brush, or a paint sprayer, you have to invest in a good quality tool. Opt for two high-quality brushes with synthetic bristles; a 4-inch brush with straight bristles to cover larger areas, and an angled sash one with 1 to 1; inches to get the detail work done. Alternatively, you can also invest in 9-inch standard rollers to cover large spaces; -inch roller cover for every color you use, and a 7-inch roller to get the narrow sections covered.

Paint selection- Select from the four groups of sheen paints including matte or flat, eggshell or satin, gloss, and semi-gloss. Keep in mind that the exterior will be exposed to elements like UV rays, snow, physical wear, and rain.

Steps for painting- These steps when followed in order, will yield the best painting results:

  • 1st step- With the help of pressure washer, get rid of the dust and dirt buildup, and move from the bottom area to the top area with controlled, smooth strokes.
  • 2nd step- Next, look for damaged areas like stucco, siding, wood, metal or masonry. Fill up the holes and cracks with epoxy filler, and on drying, sand the area with sanding block (medium-grit).
  • 3rd step- Using caulk gun cover the gaps between the window/door trims and house, and then use a primer to apply a single coat over the area.
  • 4th step- Make sure all the lighting fixtures, windows and doors are covered with plastic sheet before you start painting. Use either the sprayer, roller or brush to complete painting the exterior, starting from the bottom part and moving upwards to the top. Apply additional coats only when the previous coat is already dry.

House painting contractors commercial painting tips to find the right company

If you are not ready to endure the physical stress involved in painting the house, you can resort to house painting companies for the job. Here’s how can select the right company for the project:

Check for License- The contractor that you plan to hire should come with proper insurance certificate and license that is required by your state law.

Make a comparison- Since majority of the professionals provide free estimates, select at least three contractors and compare their invoices. Also, check with their policies to avoid problems in the future.

Interview them- Call the potential contractors to your house and question them about their previous projects, their duration in the business, and other questions related to the project to get a clear picture of what you can expect. You can also ask for references of previous projects to learn how professionally efficient the companies are.

Pull up a Contract- Once you have selected a professional contractor, get all the details of estimated dates for starting and finishing the project, warranties (if applicable), payment expectations, and timings among other details, in writing.

House painting companies tips for painting your interior

While it may appear easy to paint any house interior, these useful guidelines from professionals will help execute this project in a smooth manner:

Avert marks from roller lap- In order to avert any mark while using a roller lap, ensure that the previously painted area is overlapped prior to its drying up.

Maintain consistency- There is a good chance of colors getting mixed up even when combined with the same formula. To maintain color consistency, make sure that the entire amount of paint required is poured into the same container and mixed thoroughly.

Consider drop cloths for cover– A good way to ensure that the floor of your house is free from paint drops is by using drop cloths made of cotton. Not only do they absorb the wet paint better, but they also remain in their place unlike plastic (that are slippery), and offer safety when using ladders.

Paint Evenly– Once the gaps and holes are covered, use a primer to coat the area. This will enable you to get a smooth, even finish after you have completed the paint.

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