Locke 3 Akron OH

Lock 3 is a great place to take the family in Akron, Ohio. Other than the fact that it’s free, there are many reasons why you should visit this unique attraction.

Free Parking

You don’t have to pay for parking when you go to Lock 3! While parking can be an issue in crowded areas, you will not have to worry about things like this when you go here. The parking spaces are plentiful and you should have no problem getting one.

Waterfront Activities

Why would you want to go out of your way to visit a water park when you can visit one that is right on the river! You can play in the splash pad, ride the carousel, go fishing (with a license), and even rent a boat. Things to do in Akron for families.


The boardwalk at Lock 3 is great for rollerblading, biking, and just spending some time outside. You can also stop by an ice cream vendor or one of the various food trucks that park here on weekends (weather permitting). It’s like your own personal beach! The only thing you might miss here is the ocean waves.

Beer Garden

The beer garden is a great place to go if you are of age and are looking for a relaxing environment with good music. If you get hungry, there are food trucks on weekends that will be happy to serve you some delicious treats while you enjoy your favorite beverage.

Lock 3 Park Amphitheater

While the amphitheater is primarily for concerts, it’s another great place to take in some fresh air and enjoy your surroundings. The seating will give you a great view of the river and downtown Akron. Don’t worry about taking a lawn chair either because there are plenty available in the storage area at the back of the venue.

Akron Rubber Ducks

If you want to experience some more water-related fun, make sure to check out a game or two of the Akron Rubber Ducks (if they are playing while you’re there). This is some good old-fashioned family fun at its best and you never know what sort of antics those crazy ducks might get into.

Settling Basin Viewing Platform

The settling basin is a great place to go for those who are interested in going out on the water but don’t have their own boat or want to participate in any of the activities. You will be able to walk around and see everything that goes on at this side of Lock 3. The best part is that you will not have to deal with the crowds here!

Geocaching Tour

If you’re a fan of geocaching, you should check out this activity while you are at Lock 3. You can pick up a brochure from the front desk so that you can complete a tour of all fifteen caches located in the park. If you find them all, you get a special prize!

If you are looking for a family-friendly destination that is close to Akron and provides something for everyone, Lock 3 could be the perfect place. You can explore without paying an admission fee or worry about parking fees when it comes time to leave. Plus, there are plenty of fun activities like boat rentals and carousel rides on weekends! The boardwalk also makes this location great if you want some outdoor recreation with your friends or even by yourself. Lock 3 has free concerts year-round too so don’t forget those either! If all of this sounds appealing, come visit us soon!

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