Dr. Bob’s Gravesite Akron, OH


Dr. Bob’s gravesite is one of the things you can enjoy in Akron, Ohio, in the United States. Dr. Bob’s gravesite is a simple marker showing his name and birth and death dates. The marker is freely accessible at all times.

How to visit Dr. Bob’s gravesite?

Visiting Dr. Bob’s gravesite can be quickly done by anyone, no need for a guide or anything. First, you have to enter Akron city, and then you have to go to Highland Park Cemetery. Highland Park Cemetery is a park where people can visit many gravesites and memorials. It’s a vast green public park with a historic building. To get to Dr. Bob’s gravesite, you need to go to the second floor of this historic building:

You will then arrive at a room with a computer at the center, where you can search. You should type “Wilson, Robert” and search. You will get a list of all memorials with Wilson as the last name, and you can find Dr. Bob’s gravesite, which is not very far from the computer. Other things to do in Akron OH.

Who was Dr. Bob?

Dr. Bob was a co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and a doctor. Dr. Bob suffered from alcoholism, and he stopped drinking with the help of Bill W., another co-founder of AA. They both lived in Akron, Ohio, and practiced medicine there. In the 1930s, Dr. Bob started to practice with Bill W. their new program to help alcoholics stop drinking.

What kind of doctor was Dr. Bob?

Dr. Bob was a psychiatrist. He studied the human mind, attitudes, and behaviors related to mental illness emotional or behavioral problems. He specialized in addictive behaviors such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and sex addiction.

Why should you visit Dr. Bob’s gravesite?

Dr. Bob’s gravesite is a place you need to visit while you’re in Akron, Ohio, for its significance and because it shows that Dr. Bob did not come from a wealthy family despite his life achievements. The fact that he wanted his gravesite to be accessible at all times instead of being inside an expensive tomb is also a fascinating subject.

Other reasons why people visit Dr. Bob’s gravesite are:

a)to pay respect and homage to the man who helped so many people.

b)To feel connected with their memories about this place.

You can visit Dr. Bob’s gravesite if you travel with a partner or family. Do not forget that this is part of the Akron city heritage even though it doesn’t have any historical value, so you can visit without needing any permission.

What are the other attraction sites near Dr.Bob’s gravesite?

After visiting Dr. Bob’s gravesite, you can consider some options near the place. They are;

  • The Vitezit shrine is an attraction with an enormous bronze statue of Dr. Bob made by Fr. John Jajko at the site where he helped Dr. Bob upon returning to Akron, Ohio, in 1935.
  • The “Underground Railroad” monument, which was erected by the Federal Government in 1938 near Miami University’s campus and was moved to the present site in 1979, during the 100-year celebration of Miami University.

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