Akron Zoo

Akron Zoo is one of the most visited attractions in Akron, Ohio. Most families go to the zoo at least once a year. The closest major metropolitan area to Akron is Cleveland, Ohio which is about 40 minutes away. There are many reasons you should visit this zoo including but not limited to:


There are over 1,00 animals that reside in the Akron zoo. The Zoo is home to African lions, American alligators, Humboldt penguins, Red pandas, and black howler monkeys just to name a few. The zoo is only part of the reason why you should visit. Your Family can view these animals and more at the Zoo. If you want to see a specific animal, the zoo provides an app that will help your family find them! The app also tells you what times of day they are most active so you can get the full effect of seeing them in their home environment.


Akron Zoo is dedicated to the education of visitors through animal presentations, talks, and feedings. Akron Zoo has many educational opportunities for children at different grade levels. A day of learning about animals is a great way to spend time with your family. The zoo also gives traveling presentations to schools and other organizations in the area. Akron zoo is a great educational opportunity for your family.

Family Fun

Akron Zoo is a breed of its own when it comes to unique experiences for families to enjoy with their children. At the Akron Zoo, you can feed giraffes, ride an elephant, or just watch the animals. Akron Zoo is a great place to spend your time with the family. This zoo is also an attraction that won’t break your family’s piggy bank. The discounted admission for students, AAA members, seniors, children under 2 are all some of the discounts they offer for their visitors in Akron.

Animals Can Do Amazing Things

Did you know that a Humboldt penguin can swim up to 35 miles per hour? Or that a cheetah runs at 70-75 mph? That’s right! The Akron Zoo brings these animals and more to your family. You can learn about the abilities of each animal by spending time at the zoo. Watching the chimpanzees run across a tightrope or watching a cheetah run for the first time is a great experience that you won’t forget.

Akron Zoo is an Eco-Friendly Attraction

The Akron Zoo has many green initiatives to help the environment and conserve resources. The Akron Zoo takes advantage of recycling, solar power, water conservation techniques, and more. Akron Zoo is a great place to spend your day while also respecting the environment.

Akron Zoo is a great place to spend your day with the family. It’s one of Akron, Ohio most visited attractions and it has many reasons why you should visit including animals that can do amazing things like run across tightropes or swim up to 35 miles per hour. The zoo also provides educational opportunities for children at different grade levels and does its part in helping the environment by using green initiatives such as recycling and solar power so you can feel good about visiting this eco-friendly attraction near Cleveland, Ohio.

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