Akron OH Things To Do

Let’s begin with the city Akron Ohio. This city has so many things to do that you will never be bored.

Finding places to go and things to do can sometimes become difficult, but not in Akron Ohio.


Akron OHIO things to do

1. The first place I will recommend is Paint nite.

This place allows you to bring your non-artistic friends who think they can’t draw anything (seriously, everyone CAN draw). They host the event at local bars where bartenders make special drinks called “Paint nites”. You paint whatever it is they want you to paint (there are picture references) and drink said “paint nites” throughout the night. These events usually take place Friday nights (after work) or Saturday evenings (before heading out for the night). They are usually about two hours long but don’t be surprised if it goes for three.

2. Another event I can recommend is called Thursday night downtown!

This event happens on Thursdays when the weather permits (it’s better when it’s sunny out). The event starts at 6 p.m. in front of Quaker Square in downtown Akron Ohio. All you have to do is bring a chair, buy something at the local food truck or shop for some new clothes or shoes if that’s what you love doing. This is a great way to spend your Thursday nights and enjoy the fresh air while sitting down playing board games with your friends or loved ones!

3. The next place I would like to recommend is one of my favorite places at the moment: Hamburger-Jackson.

This place is great for concerts (there’s even a rooftop part)! They book national and local acts such as The Envy, First Encounters of the Human Kind, and Trove. The ticket prices are around $10-$15 dollars depending on who it is that you want to see. Be sure to stay after the concert for drinks with your friends in their bar upstairs.

4. Next would be an obvious choice: Lock 3 Park in downtown Akron Ohio.

This park usually has some sort of festival going on every day if you happen to have off during one of their special events! There have been so many festivals but I will list a few from my favorite to favorite: Hot Sauce Festival, Food Truck Rally, Rib Festival, and Taste of Akron. These festivals usually last about three days but stay until the end for a fireworks show every time!

5. The next place I will recommend is Akron Zoo.

The zoo is great if you have kids because it allows them to explore and learn in a fun environment. However, if you’re not a kid at heart there are still things to do such as: taking pictures in front of a few animals or just merely going through the zoo to see all the rare species that you would never get to see anywhere else except maybe South America. They also have an unlimited pass so be sure you purchase this when you go because once your done with it they charge again even though everyone knows zoos should be free.

6. The next place I will recommend is Soap Box Derby Museum.

This museum holds many different things about the most popular race in Akron Ohio. If you have kids, this is a great way to let them experience one of their childhood dreams. They have everything that goes along with the derby from trophies to cars and everything in between! The upper level holds different types of artwork made by local artists, don’t forget to check it out when you go!

7. They also offer buildings where they show off old cars that are still functional for some reason or another.

There are even trophies dating back decades holding records for each derby winner. It’s amazing how much history can fit into one place, make sure not to miss it!

8. The last place I will recommend is Lock 2.

This place is great for families and friends alike. They have a bunch of small museums in the outside part that are pretty interesting to go check out. It’s great because you can get fresh air while learning about Akron Ohio’s history!

At 915 feet high, it was the tallest building in North America outside of New York City from when it opened in 1928 until 1967. Just think about that fact while taking a trip down memory lane at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s a great way to not only see rock legends but also learn more about them once you’re done seeing their face on the walls around you. From Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Elvis, NKOTB (don’t judge), and many more all the way up to artists who are still alive today, it’s a guarantee you’ll be entertained.


After going through everything I’ve said here, it should be apparent that Akron Ohio is a great place for anyone looking for things to do or places to go. And if not then this was basically a waste of time because all I did was summarize what Akron has to offer in as few words as possible.

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