Akron Civic Theatre

Akron Civic Theatre is a professional theater company in Akron, Ohio. It enjoys performing plays of many genres including comedy, drama, musicals and more. Visit them at www.akroncivictheatre.com.

Amenities in Akron OH

Akron Civic Theatre has many amenities that make their theater a perfect place to come watch a show. The list includes: acoustically matched seating, luxurious reclining armchairs, bar and cafe and stage rigging for the ultimate viewing experience. They also have an amazing stage that is easy to use. The entire stage can move up and down in order to set it for the best view for anyone in the audience. These amenities, combined with their high quality shows, make Akron Civic Theatre a great place to see a show.


Akron Civic Theatre is located at 927 E Exchange St in Akron, Ohio 43605. Their address is 927 E Exchange St, which you can find listed on Google Maps.

Theater Production

Akron Civic Theatre has a really cool theater production. Most of the actors are from Akron and are highly trained professionals. They put on many popular shows that always do a great job at making the audience laugh or cry. The most recent show was Hairspray, which was an amazing show. It was a comedy and it made everyone laugh at their jokes. It also had an amazing storyline that the audience could relate to. You can find more information about Hairspray here.


Akron Civic Theatre is known for being a very family-friendly theater. They are extremely active with their audience and they always make sure they encourage people to come see shows. When you visit, you will always be greeted by the actors as you enter the theater, which is a great way to make you feel welcome. Whenever you walk into the theater, you will see the actors laughing with the audience, which is always a sign of a great show. They also have posters for all their shows that are free for everyone to see and read.


Akron Civic Theatre has many dining options for people to choose from when they come to see one of their shows. They have restaurants in the lobby where you can eat or drink before or after your show. They also have concessions during the show, but you always have the option of going out and buying food or drinks after you see a show.


Akron Civic Theatre has a large amount of accommodations for people to choose from. They have many luxurious reclining armchairs that allow you to relax in comfort as you watch your favorite show. With these reclining armchairs, you can relax as if you are at home watching TV on your couch. They also have many tables and booths for people to eat at depending on where they prefer to sit. The theater is very spacious and can accommodate almost anyone in the audience.

Theater Location

Akron Civic Theatre is located right in the heart of downtown Akron, which makes it very easy for anyone to find. There are many signs that point you towards the theater and are located right on the road before you get there.

As you can tell, Akron Civic Theatre is a really cool place to see a show. Most of their actors are made up of Akron natives that always make sure they put on some great shows. Every time I come here, I am always amazed at how they can get the audience to laugh and cry with such regularity. If you want to see a show, then I would highly recommend getting your tickets online in advance.

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